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22 Low Cost Health Insurance for Seniors


The senior citizens of this country are extremely important to society, with their experiences and advice assisting the young and shaping their futures. However, the care of our seniors is in crisis, with rising costs of both medications required for the elderly and insurance above and beyond the meager provisions of Medicare. Finding low cost health insurance for seniors can be a very difficult task and at times may even seem impossible. However, there is always a solution, and the need for low cost health insurance for seniors is one reason to seek those answers.

As most of us are aware, senior citizens are often living on the fixed income provided by Social Security. This extremely minimal income is sometimes not even enough to cover living expenses, and many of our seniors have been forced to keep a part time job to supplement these monthly checks just to make ends meet. In the near future, it is expected that even this source of income will run dry. Governmental health care programs like Medicare can assist with the outrageous cost of medication and doctor care that are often necessary for people as they cross the bridge into retirement and aging. However, there are many medications much too expensive for Medicare to cover efficiently, and others may not be covered at all. This means that it is important to secure additional low cost health insurance for seniors.

While there are programs available to assist in covering the additional cost of expensive meds and doctor visits that are not covered by Medicare, many of these programs are quite expensive and only become more so as the individual who is covered ages. However, it is most likely still within the senior’s best interest to secure the additional health coverage, as it will still save money over the outrageous medication price. The best options in most instances for low cost health insurance for seniors is to explore the “pennies-a-day” options frequently advertised. You may be able to consult your doctor for more information and suggestions for such programs. Often, you’ll find the doctor’s office ready and willing to assist, knowing that the use of the additional insurance will make it much easier to secure payment.

Whatever additional health insurance for seniors you decide to purchase, read the policy carefully before signing the bottom line. It is most important to know what the policy entails, what is covered, what the premium is and will be in the future, and how frequent the increases will be. With limited income, low cost health insurance for seniors is often the only way to make ends meet.

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